Transformative Future Making

Making is a human activity that’s always oriented towards a future outcome. As a form of research, speculative creativity may give us the best tools to figure out what questions we need to ask to realize our responsibilities, and our emancipation, in the future.  


REAL-FICTION AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN: ALTERNATIVE FUTURES AND NEW ETHICAL STANDARDS, FROM A TRANSGENIC ELVIS PRESLEY MOUSE TO A GUN CONTROLLED BY A SMARTPHONE: Koby Barhad’s “real fictional” objects push past the fucntionalist imperative in design to explore how made objects can crystallize the new, strange questions the future is bringing us.

FEAR OF A QUEER PLANET SERIES: Adrienne Crossman sees the traces of post-heteronormativity in the objects populating the imaginative worlds of childhood, bringing these potentials into the foreground through aesthetic recontextualization.

CRASHING WORLDINGS TOGETHER: THREE WORKS: Matthew-Robin Nye proposes the configuration of a space where queerness, acting against the will to definition that’s characteristic of the hegemony of heteronormative spaces, provides the grounds of becoming for a network of connections with immense creative potential.

DESIGNING FOR COMPLEXITY IN PLACEMAKING: Manik Perera Gunatilleke explores how the future of cities will be shaped by emerging research practices in responsive architectural contexts.  


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